Importing Illegal Sex Offenders

Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 11:32 am by Neal

Neal Boortz has this article on the number of illegal aliens who are also sex offenders; however, don’t look to the Bush administration to give a damn.

As the debate rages over the illegal alien invasion, people are focusing on several reasons why they don’t want an invasion force of millions streaming across the border from Mexico. They cite the fact that those entering the country are breaking the law, driving down wages and driving up the costs of social services. But there is also one consequence of the Bush Administration’s open borders we haven’t heard much about. Sex criminals.

You already know that communities go to great lengths to notify residents whenever a sex offender is living in town. They publish websites telling you exactly where the registered sex offender lives and what they were convicted of. People use this information to decide whether they want to move away, what neighborhood to relocate to. and so on. It’s an important issue…but did you know how many of the 12 million illegal aliens already here are sex offenders?

A recent study tells us that there are some 240,000 illegal alien sex offenders each having committed an average of 4 sex crimes. Were these crimes committed in Mexico or Latin America before these pervs crossed the border? Nope. Those crimes were committed right here in the United States. That’s 1 million sex crimes committed in the U.S. that, if we had secured our borders, might not have occurred. Hundreds of thousands of children’s lives affected, perhaps destroyed; women living with the history of a violent rape or assault, all because the federal government can’t live up to its main responsibility: to secure the border.

And what’s worse is that more are on the way. The Violent Crimes Institute says 93 illegal alien sex offenders and 12 serial offenders cross the border every day. And guess what….because they’re here illegally, they likely aren’t registered…so people won’t know where they are so they can avoid them.

Just another consequence of lax border enforcement.

Have you written your Congressman and Senator today?

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