southchild has been down…sorry

Friday, April 28th, 2006 9:38 pm by Neal

UPDATE: John at has this note:

As most readers no doubt know, our site has been down for most of the day due to a denial of service attack on our hosting service, Hosting Matters. The attack apparently was carried out by jihadists in Saudi Arabia. We’re not sure who the target of the attack was, but I think it was an Israeli web site; we were down longer than most HM clients, I believe, because we happen to be on the same “segment” of their network. Whatever that means.


As noted by Michelle Malkin, has been under a cyberattack most of the day. We apologize to our loyal readers, but this is why has been down today. Michelle also has this:

The Internet Jihad has taken a turn for the worse. Hosting Matters blogs are down again.

I hope that federal law enforcement officials and counterterrorism agents are on the case.

This is a serious criminal attack on the blogosphere, free speech, and Internet commerce.

The folks are confident they know who is doing this:

Well, we know who the target is, and we know where the likely source of the attack originates…and I sincerely doubt that country’s leadership has the least bit of concern for extraditing over something like this.

Stacy – Hosting Matters, Inc.

Stay tuned, and THANKS for coming back!

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