Ann Coulter — Hilarious!

Monday, April 17th, 2006 10:30 am by Neal

Sunday is Steak Day, and as I crumpled up sheets of flagpole for my chimney starter, I noticed an article on none other than Ann Coulter.

Given flagpole’s shameless leftism, a remotely objective article on Ann Coulter is a refreshment. I tore off that page and stuffed it in my pocket, and when I read it later, I was pleasantly surprised: this piece is a well-written, funny expose on an Ann Coulter appearance on a college campus (post pie attack).

In the article, In Your Heart You Know She’s Right — Ann Coulter Gets Fair And Balanced At FSU”, Ann has the following wonderful witticisms:

  • She continues ripping into Air America, joking that their new motto is “Two hundred-plus listeners can’t be wrong.”
  • Clinton’s presidential library is “the first to have an adults-only section.”
  • On the subject of Democrats’ much-lamented problem of getting their message out, she says, “Gee, I wonder why those ‘I Heart Partial-Birth Abortion’ T-shirts aren’t selling?”
  • She calls Barbara Boxer the perfect Democratic candidate: “She’s female and mentally handicapped.”
  • “If the Democrats want to stick to the middle of the road, why do they still support Ted Kennedy? Didn’t he have trouble sticking to the middle of the road?”

The author, Katherine Burgess, is a UGA graduate “and first year MFA student in creative writing at Florida State University.” While I don’t recommend Katherine’s drinking game, her reporting on Ann’s appearance is well-done and entertaining.

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