Michelle Malkin’s article on Abdul Rahman

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 4:01 pm by Neal

Michelle Malkin has an article on a persecuted (and prosecuted) Afghani Christian Abdul Rahman entitled, “Who Will Save Abdul Rahman?” If you’ve read our stories here and here then you are familiar with the essentials of this travesty. Malkin has the latest including the silence on the issue from President Bush. She offers this sobering conclusion:

Embarrassingly, the governments of Italy and Germany have already stepped forward to make direct appeals to Karzai to save Rahman’s life. Hamid Karzai has ducked the issue so far. Our feckless State Department is “monitoring” the situation.

If we sit on the sidelines and watch this man “cut into little pieces” for his love of Christ, we do not deserve the legacy of liberty our Founding Fathers left us. How about offering Rahman asylum in the United States? Perhaps Yale University, proud sponsor of former Taliban official Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, can offer Rahman a scholarship. Where’s the Catholic Church, so quick to offer sanctuary to every last illegal alien streaming across the borders? And how about Hollywood, so quick to take up the cause of every last Death Row inmate?

Hello, anyone, hello?

Indeed. Who will stand up for this man? Why the silence?

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