Pope John Paul II — resolute manifest

Friday, April 8th, 2005 8:45 pm by Neal

The last week saw an extraordinary series of events surrounding the death of Pope John Paul II culiminating in today’s funeral. So much has been written that I see no need to link to the hundreds of wonderful articles on his life you’ve no doubt already read. The 24-hour media saturation of events in Rome and the numerous documentaries on the Pope’s life have been as much news on a single topic that anyone can bear.

Since Easter, I’ve read and watched many of these stories and have little to add. There is one point, however, that sticks with me that I think is worth pointing out. Regardless of what one thinks of his politics, whether one is catholic or even religious, Pope John Paul II’s life has a lesson for everyone: If you believe in something so resolutely that you dedicate your life to it and live consistently according to that belief no matter the danger or hardship, you can change the world. In my short time on this Earth, I’ve never seen a better example of that truth than the life of Pope John Paul II. May he rest in peace.

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