Bombs ‘R’ Us

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006 1:54 pm by Neal

Radical Muslims claim to despise Western civilation; however, they shamelessly utilize our technology and culture to further their murderous agenda of jihad, the destruction of Israel, and world subjugation to sharia. Here’s a recent example that demonstrates how low they’ll go to propagate their perverted ideology: A Hamas website devoted to glorifying, indoctrinating and recruiting child suicide bombers. The website imitates the cute, colorful imagery and themes typical of Western children’s sites such as Nick Jr.; however, instead of fun and games, this sinister site lures children into a culture of death and hatred.

Neal Boortz has this to say about the site:

Hamas, as you know, is now the ruling party in the so-called Palestinian territories. Hamas is now in control of the Palestinian Authority. You might be interested to know that Hamas has now launched a website for children. No Barney. No stories of fluffy little bunnies, and certainly no version of the Three Little Pigs. No — the Hamas children’s website features cartoons and children’s stories that tell of the wonderful greatness of becoming a suicide bomber. In one story a mother overhears her son talking about becoming a suicide bomber. She is so happy, so elated that she starts handing out presents to her friends and neighbors. I doubt you can read the text, but here’s your link to the website. Note, please, the young girl using her slingshot to presumably attack some Jews. Remember, though, that according to most of Europe and the United Nations, it is Israel, not the murderous Palestinians, who are the source of all of the problems in the Middle East, if not the world.

What nice, wonderful people we’re dealing with here. Do the cultural relativists on the left, who preach that all cultures are equally moral and valid, tolerate a death culture that actively recruits and celebrates children who blow themselves up in the name of “Allah”? Is contemporary leftism that morally bankrupt, or has the religion of multiculturalism finally met its Satan?

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