Baby Noor’s foot surgery successful

Friday, February 24th, 2006 1:38 pm by Neal
Dr. Michael T. Busch signs the cast of Iraqi Baby Noor who underwent foot surgery today in Atlanta. (PHOTO: Curtis Compton / AJC)

Baby Noor’s foot surgery successful:

The Iraqi infant known as Baby Noor underwent a successful surgery today to correct a deformity in her left foot.

Doctor Michael Busch performed the outpatient orthopedic procedure to fix a condition in which shortened tendons and tightened ligaments in the back of her left ankle caused the toes and heel of her foot to be stuck pointed downward.

The surgery is designed to release the contracture and lower her risk of skin breakdown, reduce injuries, and allow her to wear shoes. However, doctors do NOT expect her to be able to walk.

The five-month-old will wear a pink cast on her leg for the next three weeks.

Officials at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta say after the cast is removed, she will wear a custom-made, lightweight splint to keep the foot in position and help prevent recurrence of the contracture.

The baby will wear the splint two to three months.

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