Hoorah Canada!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2006 9:21 am by cyclops

Congratulations to Stephen Harper for leading his Conservative Party out of the woods yesterday. Not surprisingly, as the campaign wound down and the liberals began to panick, Paul Martin, the current Prime Minister, stole a page from Herr Schroeder’s playbook, accusing Mr. Harper of being an “American-style” conservative.

I didn’t follow this election too closely, and I don’t expect Harper to make drastic changes; after all, it’s Canada. But, he ran on an agenda of making some significant economic changes. According to the Washington Post article linked above, these changes include:

to slightly reduce the national sales tax, replace a sputtering national day-care program with direct payments to parents and increase penalties for gun-related crimes.

He vowed to give more power to provinces and suggested a change that would open the first crack in Canada’s traditionally sacrosanct national health care program. He proposes giving patients a right to seek outside care if they are required to wait too long for a health care procedure in the national system.

That’s all good.

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