NSA, FISA & the Constitution

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005 8:54 pm by cyclops

Since the NY Times decided to run with the story about President Bush authorizing the NSA to intercept communications of US citizens, headlines of “Domestic Spying” have captured the nation’s attention, while US Senators piss in their pants in an effort to find a soapbox so they can scream that the President isn’t King George .

Of course, after the urine dries, serious people will try to put President Bush’s actions into some kind of context. Here are links to two articles that provide excellent background and context to what the President has done: The first in in the Wall Street Journal and is entitled Thank You for Wiretapping and the second is by Andrew C. McCarthy, entitled Warrantless Searches of Americans? That’s Shocking!.

The Wall Street Journal piece correctly points out that, as a matter of constitutional law, a statute can never circumscribe the authority set forth in the Constitution. It’s the other way around. But don’t hold your breathe waiting for the MSM to attempt to explain constitutional law.

No matter, though, because this issue will further affirm that the Dems are off the ranch on issues of national security.

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