The RNC’s new video…finally!

Saturday, December 10th, 2005 12:04 pm by Neal

Have you seen the Republican’s new video showing the Democrats being, well, themselves? I got a good chuckle from it, and so did the guys over at powerlineblog who discuss the ad and critique a panicky DNC e-mail response. Here’s a snippet:

It’s been nearly three years since we went into Iraq, and things are getting worse, not better. That’s why Democrats, independents, and even moderate Republicans are standing up for our troops [Ed.: That’s not how the troops see it, of course.] and saying, “Enough is enough.” We need a plan to accomplish our mission in Iraq. [Ed.: Actually, what the antiwar Democrats have offered is a plan to give up on our mission in Iraq.]

Jack Murtha offered his — a strategic redeployment to make our forces in the Middle East more effective and get the target off of our troops’ backs — and many Democrats signed on. [Ed.: Note this utterly dishonest characterization of Murtha’s call for surrender in Iraq. And “many” Democrats apparently means three.] Meanwhile, a bipartisan coalition of over 70 Senators came together to support a no confidence measure [Ed.: Huh?] and lay out a plan to make 2006 a transition year in Iraq. No one expects everyone to agree on what the new plan should be, but everyone should agree that we need a new plan. All the RNC has to offer is an inflammatory video and smearing of its opponents. [Ed.: The Democrats are the only party who think that if you show a video of them expressing their opinions, you’re smearing them. They are right about one thing, though: the video is inflammatory. If enough people knew how the Democrats really think, they’d be swept out of office.]

Hilarious. There’s nothing the Democrats hate more than a mirror.

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