Nowhere To Go

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005 12:12 am by Neal

You’ll enjoy Nowhere To Go by Christopher Hitchens on the political psychobabble concerning Iraq. Hitchens welcomes a real debate on the War and is tired of the posturing and “taunting” going on now. As he puts it, “The Iraq debate does not need to become less rude or less intense. It needs to become much more bitter and much more polarized. As I never tire of saying, heat is not the antithesis of light but rather the source of it.”

As implied by the title, Hitchens understands that we have no real choice but to stay the course in Iraq. He concludes with this observation:

The atom bomb, observed Albert Einstein, “altered everything except the way we think.” A globe-spanning war, declared and prosecuted against all Americans, all apostates, all Christians, all secularists, all Jews, all Hindus, and most Shiites, is not to be fought by first ceding Iraq and then seeing what happens “over the horizon.” But to name the powerful enemies of jihad I have just mentioned is also to spell out some of the reasons why the barbarians will—and must—be defeated. If you prefer, of course, you can be bound in a nutshell and count yourself a king of infinite space and reduce this to the historic struggle between Lewis Libby and—was it Valerie Plame? The word “isolationist” at least used to describe something real, even “realistic.” The current exit babble is illusory and comprehends neither of the above.

Islamofascist apologists — such as Senate Democrats — are too busy hiding up one another’s rear-end, ostrich-style, to notice; however, we’ll keep “prodding” them in the hope that one day, maybe, they’ll wake up.

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