Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 11:44 am by Neal

Thanks powerlineblog.com for pointing out this article, Falluja-Sur-Seine? by Edward Morrissey in The Daily Standard. Morrissey notes that three weeks ago — before the “riots” in France began — the Washington Post ran an article noting that France had been targeted by Islamists for the next stage in their war against Western civilization. Morrissey writes

INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH the Post warned its readers just three weeks ago that Islamist groups had targeted France for the next stage of their war.

In September, the Algerian Islamist terror group GSPC issued a communiqué describing France as “enemy number one” and called for Muslims to conduct attacks on France. Agence France Presse reported this threat without great fanfare, but the French authorities took it seriously enough to round up over a dozen suspected terrorist cell members throughout the country. The Post took a different look at the Algerian threat, noting that the training for terrorists had focused on younger French citizens, with a greater ability to move unrestricted through the streets of Paris and other target-rich environments.

Morrissey also notes that the MSM is completely ignoring the “M” and “I” words: that Muslims — Islamic fascists — are behind these attacks and are instead stuck on blaming poverty and a lack of opportunity. Why would they do that?

FRANCE–like much of the media–stood foursquare against Bush’s interventionist policy in Iraq. So if Islamists have targeted France as their next front in an attempt to establish “no-go” territories in the center of Europe, it might call into question much of the anti-Bush narrative. Instead of Muslim anger being caused by America’s policies of intervention, Islamofascism might really be a worldwide movement against Western interests.

Would the MSM intentionally misrepresent the cause of the violence because it contradicts their agenda and affirms Bush’s? Nah, of course not.

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