Zell on the Dismal Duo

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 8:54 pm by Neal

It’s like a spy thriller. Institutional rivalries and political loyalties have fostered an intelligence officer’s resentment against the government. Suddenly, an opportunity appears for the agent to undercut the national leadership. A vital question of intelligence forms the core justification for controversial military actions by the current leaders. If this agent can get in the middle of that question, distort that information and make it public, the agent might foster regime change in the upcoming election.

But the rules on agents are clear. They can’t purposely distort gathered intelligence, go public with secret information or use their position or information to manipulate domestic elections or matters without risking their job or jail.

But their spouse can!

So begins “Rule can head off dirty tricks at CIA” by former Georgia Senator Zell Miller.

Read his take on the “real scandal” involving Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson — the dismal duo.

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