Ron Paul: The Man Most Feared by Washington, D.C.

Sunday, August 14th, 2011 1:47 pm by mikeinvaldosta

Yesterday’s Iowa GOP straw poll in Ames was won by Representative Michele Bachmann. The Iowa native won by 152 votes. Who finished in second? Was it Rick Perry? Tim Pawlenty? Mitt Romney? You really wouldn’t know by the “Main Stream Media’s” response, and apparently the phone hacking scandal across the pond has skewed Fox News more toward the “Main Stream” than “Fair and Balanced.”

Ron Paul finished second in case you were wondering. How does an event have such meaning for Representative Bachmann in the collective media’s eyes, while that same event has so little meaning for Representative Paul when viewed through the same lens?

The answer is simple. The Washington media, the Democrats, and the Republican establishment have one common attribute. They are all scared to death of Ron Paul. They are scared to death of what a Ron Paul administration would mean for their personal lives, their power bases.

Ron Paul was the “Tea Party” before there was a “Tea Party.” So why does the media choose to make Michele Bachmann the face of the “Tea Party?” Simple, she fits how they would like the “Tea Party” to be portrayed. The “Tea Party” was not a grass roots movement with abortion in mind, nor gay marriage, nor gays in the military. The “Tea Party” was, and is, about limiting the role, size, and effect, of government, not a re-targeting of Federal government power, a scale back of it.

When Rep. Bachmann formed the “Tea Party” Caucus in the House, she usurped a grass roots effort and allowed the Democrats and the Media to paint the “Tea Party” as right wing loons in the mold of Bachmann.  The last 18 hours have shown how far the media will go to keep the spotlight on Rep. Bachman and off of the true challenger to Washington power, Ron Paul.

Representative Bachmann won the straw poll by a margin of 152 votes, or 0.91%, statistically a virtual tie. Logic would dictate this would require some coverage of Ron Paul’s strong showing. Reality is scant mention of the true “Tea Party” candidate’s impressive showing by the Washington press corps.

Meet the “Press”:

The subject was yesterday’s Iowa Straw Poll, in which Michele Bachmann finished in a  statistical dead heat with Ron Paul.

Yet these bozos yapped on for half an hour without mentioning Paul, except in passing. They went on at great length about Bachmann and even Tim Pawlenty, her fellow Minnesotan who finished way back in the pack and dropped out of the race. But hardly a word about the Texas congressman.

I found this particularly grating when the subject came to the theme of getting the government off our back. First they showed a clip from Rick Perry, even though the Texas governor did not compete in the straw poll.

Then they showed a clip from, of all people, Pawlenty. Not a single one of these clowns mentioned that Paul practically invented the idea of getting the government off our backs.

And not a single one of them mentioned that Paul also pioneered the idea of voting against raising the debt ceiling. He has never voted to raise it in all his years in Congress. Yet when that issue came up, all the talk was about Bachmann, who just discovered the issue the other day, relatively speaking, and who is a complete ignoramus on economic issues.

What are these idiots up to? Well, I shouldn’t use terms like  “idiots” and “bozos.” These guys know exactly what they’re doing. The pitchmen for the mainstream Republican Party, such as Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, want to everything in their power to deep-six the man who has stood up to the Republican establishment for three decades.

This is just one example of the true problem, and really how few differences exist between the two utterly flawed political parties that maintain hold over the country.  All that matters to establishment politicians, on both sides of the aisle, is obtaining and retaining power.

The economy surrounding Washington, DC, never slows.  Housing prices around DC never decline. Government never tightens its belt, it occasionally will slow growth, but never shrink. Politicians get elected, move to Washington and, most often, never return. They continue to fatten themselves feeding at the Federal trough.

Ron Paul is the only genuine threat to this. Lobbyists, of either ilk, understand a Ron Paul administration would be bad for business. Should Washington’s power begin to dissipate and return to the states, where it belonged all along, the press corps would no doubt undergo contraction.

In the end, a Ron Paul presidency, no matter how good it would be for the country, would be bad for the other kind of government dependent, the elitist that feeds on Washington’s excesses.

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  1. Neal Says:

    Excellent post and great observations — right on about how the entire ruling establishment tries to diminish and ignore Paul, and since they all also hate the Tea Party, it’s no surprise that they’re eager to help Bachmann’s little coup d’etea.

  2. mikeinvaldosta Says:

    In my haste I failed to illustrate Bachman has no shot at winning a national election, which is the catalyst for the media’s spotlight on her.

  3. southchild » Blog Archive » Any Ink is Better Than no Ink Says:

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  4. James Says:

    There was a great segment on The Daily Show last night about Ron Paul’s (lack of) media coverage.—corn-polled-edition—ron-paul—the-top-tier?xrs=share_copy

  5. Neal Says:

    I just saw the Daily Show segment today. Stewart was on fire.

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