US Terrorist Attacks — the MSM coverup

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005 6:57 pm by Neal

Michelle Malkin’s latest article, Nothing to see here. Move along is a must read! It’s bad enough that the MSM downplays and ignores real, bonified terrorist attacks by Islamic fascists around the world, but the silence on what is happening in the United States is unforgivable. The latest “MSM Press Blackout” concerns the University of Oklahoma bomber who unceremoniously failed to blow up a packed football stadium. You do know about that one, yes?

Now, many of my readers wonder why the MSM won’t touch the strange and troubling story of the University of Oklahoma bomber, Joel Henry Hinrichs III. On Oct. 1, Hinrichs died on a park bench outside the school’s packed football stadium when a homemade bomb in his possession exploded. The Justice Department has sealed a search warrant in the case. The university’s president, David Boren, is pooh-poohing local media and Internet blog reports of possible jihadist influences on Hinrichs. The dead bomber was, we are being told, simply a depressed and troubled young man with “no known ties” to terrorism.

Never mind that, according to local news reporters, the bomb-making material found in Hinrichs’ apartment was triacetone triperoxide — the explosive chemical of choice of shoe bomber Richard Reid and the London 7/7 subway bombers.

Never mind the local police department’s confirmation that Hinrichs had attempted to buy ammonium nitrate a few days before his death.

Never mind the concerns of Oklahoma University student journalist Rachael Kahne, who told me this week in a call for the media’s help:

Click here to read the whole, sad story including what the student journalist has uncovered.

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