Inside the Dark and Depraved Mind of a Liberal

Thursday, September 15th, 2005 11:13 pm by Neal

This letter and rebuttal, courtesy of the Neal Boortz show, is yet more evidence of how emotionally unhinged leftists have become. First, the letter:

Monied America lacks moral goodness
Congratulations, monied America: You wanted your gated communities to keep out the poor, to protect yourselves from crime, to separate yourselves from undesirables. You took the high roads and built your gated communities on them so you would stay dry and clean while the stormwaters of filth and despair flooded their neighborhoods.
You did it. You kept out the poor, you concentrated the crime in the poor neighborhoods, effectively ensuring those neighborhoods would remain poor and broken. You separated yourselves from the undesirables.
And then you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports. The richest nation in the world is the most destitute when it comes to true moral goodness. God could not bless this America at all.

And for just some of the Boortz rebuttal:

Also, Ms. Engle, can you tell us just how those wicked rich people managed to “concentrate(d) the crime in the poor neighborhoods”? Is it because they take precautions to keep the crime out of their neighborhoods? Well, excuse the hell out of them! How dare they sit there in their fancy homes and not accept willingly their fair share of crime? Maybe we need some new kind of bussing program. That can be your next letter to the editor, Ms. Engle; a demand that some court order the bussing of petty thieves, burglars, rapists and murderers to gated communities so that the rich can enjoy the benefits of the culture of predatory crime together with the poor. The culture of the law-abiding should be forced to mingle with the culture of the lawless, don’t you think? Isn’t that part and parcel of the liberal mantra of multiculturalism?

And now, Ms. Engle, I need to take the gloves off for a moment, you supercilious jerk. How dare you say that “you left them, to die in attics and on rooftops and in the streets and in the disgusting halls of commerce and sports?” You sure told us a lot about yourself with that sentence, didn’t you? Commerce is disgusting? This is the label you attach to the one economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system in the history of civilization? Disgusting? But then, you work in the academic world, don’t you? One wonders if you have a job skill that could earn you a comfortable living in the private sectors. My guess would be that you do not.

“Left them to die?” What in the hell are you talking about? When police and firefighters, the fantastic first-responders we all rely on, went in to rescue the stranded they were fired on by roving gangs of thugs from the poor neighborhoods you so love – and this started happening on day one. Nurses and doctors (who very well may have lived in gated communities) stayed on duty in their hospitals moving their patients to ever-high floors as the looters and predators worked their way up from below. Helicopters trying to evacuate patients from hospitals and from the Super Dome were fired upon. Left them to die? These people were risking death to rescue the poor, and you write that the poor were left to die?

Then you say that “the richest nation in the world is the most destitute when it comes to true moral goodness.” You mindless, hate-filled leftist, anti-capitalist gasbag. Katrina has brought forth the greatest show of American generosity since 9/11. Many believe that the charitable contributions of Americans will far surpass that of four years ago. From the very day that Katrina hit New Orleans people of means from across the country were writing checks, making pledges and taking action. The total giving to date is nearing $800 million, and will most likely surpass one billion dollars within a week’s time. This is the America, an America of compassion and giving, that you say God would not bless.

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