Democrats and MSM Lose Heads, Blame Bush

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005 3:33 pm by Neal

Mark Steyn’s latest, Bush kept his head and the danger’s passed, is a hilarious expose on how a calm Bush has kept his head while the emotionally-unstable left has lost theirs (they lost their minds long ago, but that’s a different story) over the Hurricane Katrina disaster. First, Steyn writes on the headless MSM:

I’ll leave it to future generations of historians to settle the precise moment at which Hurricane Katrina finally completed its transformation into a Kansas-type twister, and swept up the massed ranks of the world’s press to deposit them on the wilder shores of the Land of Oz. But for a couple of weeks now they’ve been there frolicking and gambolling as happy Media Munchkins, singing and dancing “Ding Dong, The Bush Is Dead”.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the storm is exhausted, meteorologically and politically. Power has been restored to the whole of Mississippi (much quicker than in Euro-style big-government Quebec during the 1998 ice storm, incidentally), the Big Easy is being pumped free of water far ahead of anybody’s expectations, and, as the New York Times put it: “Death Toll In New Orleans May Be Lower Than First Feared”.

No truth in the rumour that early editions read “Than First Hoped”.

Next, Steyn takes it to the Dems who have lost their heads from Nancy Pelosi down to New Orleans mayor Nagin (who is the frontrunner for this year’s, “I have a scream — the honorary Howard Dean emotional outburst award”).

These days, the Republicans are the party of small government and the party of big government, and the party of all points in between. The Democrats, meanwhile, are the party of emotive know-nothings, the go-to guys for soap-operatic sobbing and righteous histrionics. You can understand why the 24-hour cable-news networks love the Dems. Just stick a camera in front of New Orleans’s Mayor Nagin: “To those who would criticise, where the hell were you?” he roared the other day. “Where the hell were you?” In a town you’re not the mayor of, happily. That’s how most Americans react. But the media think, wow, this is great television, he really socks it to Bush. And, if life were an especially bad daytime soap, he would. But ask Democrats for specifics and they’re either as blank as Mrs Pelosi or as mired in their ancient tropes as Jesse Jackson, who demanded Bush appoint more high-ranking blacks to the hurricane relief effort. Charges of Republican “racism” rang particularly hollow in the context of New Orleans, where sodden blacks might be better advised to ponder what they have to show for being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party for four decades.

Excellent as always.

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