Don’t Go Wobbly, Sonny Perdue

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 11:33 pm by Neal

Great big KUDOS to Mark Hemingway for his excellent report on where Republican Governors stand on the “Stimulus” bill. Here’s the response Mark received from Georgia governor Sonny Perdue’s office:

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue: “We’re certainly following the progress and trying to give input where we can and raise concerns where we have them, but we’re certainly not waiting on this money,” however,”I can’t give you a checkbox that he’s for it [or against it], it’s much more nuanced.”

In other words,

We don’t necessarily like this thing in principle, but if it passes (and we think it might), we want our “fair share” of the pie. After all, that bailout money sure would make our situation up here in Atlanta a lot easier.

We’re leaning on Saxby and Johnny to support this thing, but their phones and e-mails are 100:1 against this bill, so they can’t touch it.

And we’re reluctant to get to far out on the edge…like that crazy governor from South Carolina.


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