Read the Generational Theft Act of 2009

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 11:17 am by Neal

Michelle thanks the Senate Conservatives Fund for posting a searchable version of the Senate stimulus bill Generational Theft Act.

You can also read the bill here at ReadTheStimulus. They have lots of new charts on the new CBO analysis that gives you an idea of the magnitude of this fiasco.

This “bill” is the biggest economic boondoggle in the history of our country. This “bill” is nothing more than every liberal/socialist wet dream of the last 40 years enacted all at once in the name of “stimulating” the economy.

How, pray tell, will doubling Federal spending on “education” stimulate anything other than the teacher’s unions?

The current economic recession is the scapegoat that Obama and the Democrats are using to ram a new, massive, socialized, Federal bureaucracy down our throats. If this monster passes, may our children and grandchildren forgive us.


Check out the Heritage Foundation’s coverage of Stimulus 101: The Pelosi-Reid-Obama Debt Plan. Here’s their section on the “Bad Ideas” included in this pork-laden bill:

The hidden liberal policy agenda inside the ‘stimulus bill’…

* Over $142 Billion in Federal education funds: Nearly double the total outlays for the Dept. of Education in 2007 – making good on Reid-Pelosi-Obama education promises to the NEA.

* $87 Billion Medicaid bailout: Medicaid is funded by a formula that matches state spending levels with federal dollars. If we keep bailing states out, they will have every incentive to continue irresponsible spending. Fiscally responsible taxpayers in Indiana are now paying for fiscally irresponsible bureaucrats in Illinois.

* Expanded Medicaid coverage and SCHIP: Reid-Pelosi-Obama are enacting a nationalized health care policy with no debate. The government will soon be responsible for more health care spending than the private sector, i.e. socialized medicine.

* Green Jobs?: The myth of ‘green jobs’ merely means replacing one job lost, with a new job that fits the left’s agenda. It is a zero sum game. More than doubling spending, the stimulus also has over $35 billion for the Dept. of Energy. DOE’s current budget is $23.8 billion.

* Family Planning and birth control for children, immigrants and the wealthy, which could also be used as a backdoor to allow federal funding of abortions. How is this stimulus? **UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi agrees this is not stimulus and has removed it from the bill proving these measures are allergic to sunshine.**

* Redistribution: Refundable Tax Credits for people who don’t pay taxes.

* Pork Spending: Digital TV Coupons ($650 Million), Gov’t Cars ($600 Million), Nat’l Endowment for the Arts ($50 Million), Repairs to National Mall ($200 Million, including $21m for sod).

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