California Shrugged

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 12:44 am by Neal

California Scheming: What One-Party Rule Is Doing To Once-Golden State:

California’s $41.8 billion budget deficit expected over the next two years is a record. No other state even comes close. But despite what the state’s politicians say, it’s not because of the recent economic downturn. It’s because of them. …

Such business mainstays as Intel, Exxel Outdoors, Toyota and Tesla have already left California. Intel is a particularly alarming example: The world leader in chip technology started in Silicon Valley but no longer makes anything in California.

Since 2001, according to the California Manufacturers and Technology Association, the state has lost 440,000 high-wage jobs. Today, the state’s jobless rate of 8.4% is third-highest in the nation. …

California’s tax base is so narrow — 1% of the population pay 50% of income taxes — that you can’t “tax the rich” and get more revenue, a long-held Democratic fantasy. California individuals today bear the sixth-highest tax burden in the nation. Raising taxes won’t do anything but drive off productive workers and kill the economy.

It’s already happening. Tired with having their voices ignored and faced with soaring taxes, high housing costs and state fiscal chaos, Californians are leaving in droves. They’re voting with their feet.

Last year, 135,173 more people left California than moved in, the fourth straight year of net out-migration. As the Los Angeles Times accurately noted, “the trend remains significant because such declines usually occur when working Californians decide better opportunities lie elsewhere.”

How about we learn from California’s example and not export this madness to the rest of the country? OK?

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