America: You’ve Been Duped.

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 5:17 pm by Neal

Lance Fairchok has a great piece in American Thinker on how America fell for the greatest scam in history. Read The Crime of the Century: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:

America, we just got suckered. We fell for the biggest money grab in modern politics, possibly in the history of the nation. No wonder Nancy Pelosi is beaming and her familiars, Harry Reid and Chris Dodd, are giggling behind their hands; they now have piles of money and they succeeded in pegging the Republicans for a problem they manufactured and are getting away with scot-free.

More importantly, they may have handed the election to Obama, and in so doing, they have set America up for the worst possible leader in a perilous time. Not a bad day’s work for our “progressive” socialist fifth column and the America-haters that pull its strings.

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is a swindle. If the Democrats in Congress and their Republican accomplices had worn masks and carried pistols, the voter would have had a more accurate view of the “crisis” and its probable one trillion dollar cost. This emergency was brought about by government interference and influence and manipulated for political ends by the lawless opportunists that inhabit congress. It will accomplish four things:

(1) Distract the voter from the reality of a Democrat-controlled congress so bumbling and corrupt its approval ratings are in the single digits.

(2) Save failing Democrat-run mortgage companies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and avert, for a time, their disastrous influence on the economy and Democrat party image.

(3) Confuse the electorate into blaming the Republicans, who have called for oversight for decades, only to have it blocked by Democrats.

(4) Set up Obama to play the reformer, which he is decidedly not, as he is neck-deep in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac money and complicit in moving federal money to leftist “philanthropic” front groups in Illinois such as the failed Annenberg Challenge.

To understand the level of corruption one need only look at Representative Barney Frank (D – MA), the liar-in-chief for Freddie and Fannie for years. His own words thoroughly damn him. He blames the private sector (“bad decisions that were made by people in the private sector”) and the Republicans (“the country is in dire straits today thanks to a conservative philosophy that says the market knows best”), a stunning new level of hypocrisy and deceit, even for the Democrats.

Keep reading as it gets better. Yes, it’s depressing that the American people are so easily duped, but we all need to understand what is really going on here. As Fairchok concludes,

Congress has been ripping us off with abandon, squandering our children’s future and stealing our country, one dollar at a time. They do not represent the people; they manipulate the people. It is about power and money and they consider your money to be theirs for whatever social experiment and entitlement they desire, regardless of what you the voter wants. After all, you are too dim to know what to do with it. Without accountability, it will stay that way. We do not need reform; we need a revolt. Think about that when you vote this November.

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