Premature Evacuation Afflicts Democrats

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005 11:26 am by Neal

In their never-ending quest to make President Bush look bad, Democratic leaders and their supporters, led by psycho Cindy, are screaming that we must prematurely evacuate Iraq. Fortunately, President Bush is standing firm on his committment to finish the job, and not pull out until the Iraqi’s can defend themselves. This shrill lunacy from the Democrats should come as no surprise; after all, they can be remarkably consistent and predictable in their choices. Some examples:

  • Democrats always choose pacifism over freedom.
  • Democrats always choose to cut-and-run instead of finishing the mission.
  • Democrats always choose political expediency over principle.
  • Democrats never defend America since they regard it a renegade State since its inception (just ask Cindy).
  • Democrats hate American liberty and love European socialism.
  • Democrats always blame America as the source of every woe in the world.
  • Democrats always support world government over national sovereignty.
  • Democrats hate individual excellence but love group equality.

There, that’s a good start. And if you think my characterization of “psycho Cindy” is too harsh, get over it. Any woman who calls the Islamist fascists who murdered her son “freedom fighters” has gone on a permanent vacation from reality.

One Response to “Premature Evacuation Afflicts Democrats”

  1. carter Says:

    Nice pun in the title — I just got it!