Green Grow the Neo-Coms

Friday, May 23rd, 2008 2:43 pm by Neal

(Hat tip: HR)

James Lewis has a fantastic article in American Thinker, How crypto-Marxism won the Cold War. Our comments follow.

Today, for the first time in American history we have two — count ’em, two — hard-core Leftists running for the Democrat Party nomination. The Left hasn’t had this kind of chance for power since Truman defeated Henry Wallace in 1948. Hillary and Obama are Marx twins who only differ in race and gender.

All the media tell us is how great it is to have a woman and a black man running for president. What those two really believe, where they learned their quasi-religion, where they derive their support, who else they want to raise to power, and what they will do if they get there — all that doesn’t even get discussed. All over the world, Leftist hearts are leaping at Hillarybama. What exciting progress!

Wait a minute. Marxism lost the Cold War, right? The Soviet Empire came down, Eastern Europe was liberated, China is now semi-capitalist, and post-socialist countries like India are thriving like never before. More of the world is prospering, because economic and political freedoms have spread since the USSR crumbled. Even Russia has a low, flat tax to encourage free markets. Indigenous talents and enterprise are finally being liberated, and the results are wonderful for hundreds of millions of people.

Liberals are upset today because free-market economies are growing too fast, and are therefore polluting an unsullied Mamma Earth. Tens of millions of ordinary people in China and India are doing too well. The elites seem to yearn for the good old days — the famines in India, the massacres in Russia and China — and that wonderful sense of being in charge of human progress.

And yet … in spite of years and years Leftist catastrophes, our organs of propaganda are still tilting drunkenly to the Left. Crypto-Marxism, a barely disguised revival of the old farce, is flourishing in our chattering classes. The prestige that Marxism lost in the real world soon came back in fantasy. Oh, if people only loved one another! Oh, if people only cared! Oh, if we only had real solidarity with the wretched of the earth! That’s the feel-good story. But the real yearning is for power: Oh, if only people like us were in charge of everything.

In Britain, under the daily pounding of the Bolshie Beeb, the most admired “philosopher” of all time is now … blood-dripping old Karl Marx. Freedom is routinely trashed; thieving tyrants like Hugo Chavez are celebrated.

“Crypto Marxism” — crypto meaning “hidden” — is a useful word to describe what’s happened in the last twenty years. Because as soon as the Soviet Union crumbled, a host of barely disguised post-Marxist ideologies grabbed the microphones: the Green Movement, now furiously peddling global warming fraud; Third Way socialism in Europe, trying to hitch the welfare wagon to free markets; the European Union, a new autocracy of unelected committees, exactly what the USSR used to call “workers’ Soviets”; the unbelievably corrupt, bigoted and self-serving United Nations; and all over the academic world, an explosion of anti-Western and anti-democratic fads like Post-Modernism, Multi-Culturalism, Deconstructionism, Feminism, anti-Zionism, Black Liberation Theology and other repackaged Marx imitations. It was a triumph of image-making and marketing.

Today, crypto-Marxism dominates our political discourse. It’s wild — just as if Nazi goose stepping had became a popular sport after World War Two, instead of the hula-hoop. The Nazis were horrific in their thirteen years in power. The Marxists had seventy years in the Soviet Union, and managed to kill 100 million people according to Marxist historians themselves. But here we are, twenty years later, and all that is deliberated wiped from our minds.

The Marxists never went away: they went underground and re-branded themselves as “environmentalists.” That movement was hi-jacked by the Marxists and Communists and, today, “environmentalism” is a religion based on the same altruist morality as Marxism. Philosophically, the “switch” was from “self-sacrifice for the sake of others” to “self-sacrifice for the sake of the environment.” Practically speaking, there’s no difference: the practitioners still demand the sacrifice of all individual liberties, freedoms, and property. Their methodology is submission to State control and planning with the excuse being the achievement of utopia (variously defined as “human brotherhood,” “peace on Earth,” “a green planet,” etc.)

When comparing “old Marxists” to “new environmentalists,” nothing has changed: they both regard human beings as fodder; they advocate disposing of individuals for the good of the “collective.” That, dear reader, is the most evil morality in the history of human existence, and it has a name: Altruism.

Getting back to the two Neo-Coms running for the Democratic ticket, Lewis concludes:

Both Obama and Hillary grew up on the Alinsky Left, which only a theologian can tell from orthodox Marxism. Coming out of Yale Law, Hillary joined a crypto Marxist law outfit in Oakland, California. David Horowitz, who was part of that world until he recovered his moral center, has been pretty clear about the real roots and goals of that Greater Berkeley network.

The triumph of crypto-Marxism is not just weird, it’s dangerous. The Reds haven’t changed. They have just metastatized: That is why we are now so vulnerable to the next wave of totalitarianism, the Islamofascist kind. The long struggle of Western civilization against bloody tyranny is being covered up. The very real danger of new totalitarianism is being dismissed.

We encourage you to read the entire article as well as the comments that follow. One of the comments (by G. Kincaid) struck us as particularly lucid:

The disease flourishes because Marxism is the purest political expression of the morality of altruism, and so long as conservatives continue to peddle their own version of altruism, they will remain Marxism’s greatest enablers.

That’s it.

As long as conservatives, Republicans, etc. continue to accept — by default — the morality of altruism, they will never win the intellectual battle with the Marxists, Communists, Socialists and their modern manifestation, the environmentalists. Free men and women who love liberty will never win until altruism is exposed as evil and is exiled. This is an intellectual battle: the fight for freedom is a fight for the morality of freedom. A human cannot regard himself a sacrificial animal, on the one hand, and a free individual on the other. The morality of freedom asserts that a person’s highest purpose is the fulfillment of his or her own life, and that no person can be sacrificed by others for others. Until the day that principle is enshrined in consciousness and law, we are just quibbling over “how much of a slave” a given person should have to be.

This is why conservatives and Republicans continue to fail.

It’s often said in these days that “the Republicans have abandoned their principles.” Actually, it’s worse than that. They have failed to grasp, articulate, and defend the philosophy that can support their principles. As the old church hymn goes, they have built their house on “shifting sands” instead of “solid rock”.

Individual sovereignty, freedom, liberty, and the corresponding right to self-determination, property and capitalism is the moral basis on which all human progress is founded. Until we believe, practice, and fight for it with no apologies and no concessions, we will continue to lose.

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