Global Warming Freak Shows

Sunday, August 19th, 2007 12:57 pm by Neal
Hundreds of naked people lie on a glacier in Switzerland to protest global warming. Mother Nature laughed then bombarded the high-altitude, naked swarms with ultraviolet radiation. (Article)
Squatters at the “Camp for Climate Action” are “campaigning against the expansion of Heathrow and aviation in general because they believe carbon-emitting activities such as air travel contribute to global warming. … Hossein Al-Rasoul, 47, an executive chauffeur from north-west London, said: ‘The traffic queues caused by the camp are burning more fuel than would be burned normally, so they are actually adding to the problem.'” (Source and article)

What is it about supporters of global warming? When they’re not equating skeptics with “holocaust deniers,” they’re “protesting” climate change by getting naked and sprawling out on a glacier like a bunch of beached sea lions. Or, they’re organizing a gathering of “anarchists” who dress up like clowns, get drunk, and vandalize private property from a squatter camp/home base near Heathrow airport.

These punk protests reveal that the global warming cultists are not thoughtfully engaged individuals participating in a serious debate to ascertain the truth and win over skeptics, but rather are a motley assortment of radical leftists for whom global warming is a simply the latest vehicle for hauling the decades-old, tired bromides and grievances of anti-Capitalism, “social justice,” environmental extremism, workers movements, anarchism, Che Guevara, Marx, Lenin, etc.

Global warming is a tractor to which every radical, leftist cause of the past 50 years has hitched its cart in one, long, freak show parade.

This is the legacy of the 60’s counterculture: “the protest for it’s own sake” whether it be the “protest as art” or the “protest as drunken party.” Aren’t all you hippies who dropped-out rather than work for “the man” proud of your life’s accomplishment? You want an example of true non-conformity and independence, of individuals fighting the mass media establishment? You won’t find it in drunken clown anarchists or public nudity art projects. Look instead to those brave skeptics who fight the billion-dollar, global warming juggernaut despite the intense name-calling, threats and intimidation.

Ironic, isn’t it?

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