Beer + Cigarettes + Mud = ‘The Annual Redneck Games’

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 12:26 pm by Neal
Rawni White, in only her first Redneck Summer Games, got signed up for Miss Redneck of the Year. “I think I’ve got an edge because of the bikini,” she said after sipping on a cold one. (Beau Cabell)

Jeff Foxworthy once defined “Redneck” as “the glorious absence of sophistication.”

So, what do you get when you combine camping, coolers of cold beer, a mud pit, cigarettes, a sweltering Georgia weekend and hundreds of loud-and-proud rednecks? Why, The Annual Redneck Games, of course!

EAST DUBLIN — Standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, Matt Johnson wasn’t afraid to drop his shorts a bit and show a little “crack.”

Johnson and three other men competed Saturday to see who had the “most redneck” butt crack in the Butt Crack Competition at the 12th annual Redneck Games at Buckeye Park in East Dublin.

Encouraged by the games’ ceremonial mascot, L-Bow, the four men rallied for audience applause to determine the winner.

“I don’t mind at all,” Johnson, of Barnesville, said after winning the competition and thanking his parents. …

The games kicked off with Redneck Horseshoes, a competition in which contestants try to ring posts with toilet seats, and continued with Bobbin’ for Pigs Feet and a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Although rain delayed some of the games, the crowd stood at least six people deep for the games’ most popular competition, the Mud Pit Belly Flop. Even getting splattered with red Georgia clay didn’t drive spectators away. Instead they cheered for more.

Contestants vie for fame, glory, and a custom trophy during competition pigsfeet bobbing at the 12th annual Summer Redneck Games. (Beau Cabell)
“Freight train” Mills of Cobbtown shows why he’s a serious competitor as he takes aim during the redneck horseshoes event at the 12th annual Summer Redneck Games. (Beau Cabell)

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