Update on Saxby, Isakson, and the Invasion

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 4:23 pm by Neal
Way back on May 17, Georgia Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson (standing, on right) were negotiating the Shamnesty Bill with Ted Kennedy — the biggest ASS in the US Senate. What the hell were they thinking? (Source)

Fortunately, both Senators responded to the firestorm of criticism from their constituents and voted ‘NO’ on cloture last Thursday. And yesterday (July 12, 2007), the Senators demonstrated a commitment to first securing the border by sending this letter to President Bush:

Dear Mr. President:

Although the Senate’s effort to reform our nation’s immigration laws through the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 is stalled, illegal immigration remains our nation’s number one domestic issue. We therefore believe it is incumbent upon us and our colleagues to tackle this issue and not leave this problem for future generations to solve.

As we travel around Georgia and continue to hear from our constituents, the message from a majority of Georgians is that they have no trust that the United States Government will enforce the laws contained in this new legislation and secure the border first. This lack of trust is rooted in the mistakes made in 1986 and the continued chaos surrounding our immigration laws. Understandably, the lack of credibility the federal government has on this issue gives merit to the skepticism of many about future immigration reform.

We believe the way to build greater support for immigration reform in the United States Senate and among the American public is to regain the trust in the ability of the federal government to responsibly administer immigration programs and enforce immigration laws. There is bipartisan agreement that we need to secure our borders first, and we believe this approach will serve as a platform towards addressing the other issues surrounding immigration reform.

To that end, we believe that you and your administration could alleviate many of the fears of our constituents by calling for an emergency supplemental bill to fully fund the border and interior security initiatives contained in legislation currently pending in the Senate, as well as any outstanding existing authorizations. Such a move would show your commitment to securing the border first and to stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into our nation. It will also work towards restoring the credibility of the federal government on this critical issue.

We urge you to carefully consider this request, and thank you for the opportunity to express the views of the people of Georgia on this matter.


Saxby Chambliss
United States Senator

Johnny Isakson
United States Senator

We’ll watch them like a hawk, but so far it appears that they got the message. We’re also encouraged that our Senators are taking a more aggressive stance on securing the border (as they run like hell from Shamnesty). Stay tuned.

Take another look at that picture. Who are those other two guys? They would be Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez who are now spearheading the effort to rescue this horrendous bill:

The administration’s outreach effort is being spearheaded by Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who have largely cleared their schedules and spent hours each day calling local radio stations and participating in satellite television interviews. A Chertoff aide speaks of a “battle rhythm.”

Chertoff told The Politico in an interview that he relies on “the logic of the situation and enlightened self-interest” with a pitch for the bill that runs along these lines: “It’s not going to make everybody deliriously happy because you aren’t all going to get your own wish list. (The problem) is only going to get worse. Where we are isn’t acceptable. That’s not going to be good for anybody.”

Don’t believe a word that Chertoff says. “Homeland Security” is a bad joke. This is the same man in charge of building the border fence who so far has managed a whopping two miles.

What’s the reality behind this bill? Today’s National Review editors have this message:

Speaking to Republican senators yesterday, President Bush argued that they should support the immigration bill because “doing nothing is unacceptable.” That’s odd: It has seemed pretty acceptable to him for most of his time in office. He is right that the status quo features porous borders, widespread flouting of the law, and more than 12 million illegal aliens. But it is the very status quo over which he has presided — and which the bill he favors would probably make worse.The grand compromise bill assumes that critical improvements in border security and interior enforcement can be made in 18 months. Of course, whether any improvements are realized or not, legal status would have been conferred on millions of illegal aliens within months of the bill becoming law. As Senator Jim DeMint explains, “There is no excuse for anyone to believe that what’s in this bill is going to happen, except for the amnesty.”

“Comprehensive immigration reform” should be set aside so that over the next 18 months, President Bush can do what his administration has failed to do over the past six years. Don’t just show us the money, show us the enforcement.

They’re right, of course, but our liberal, big-spending President is clueless. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S.

Also, don’t miss today’s column by Michelle Malkin, “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Alien Wins” (NOTE: article updates here) which documents how activists, immigration lawyers, and Congressmen fight like hell to keep illegal alien murderers, child molesters, and rapists in the country after they’ve been ordered deported:

As I’ve reported many times over the last several years, the nation’s deportation abyss is governed by one reality: “It ain’t over ’til the alien wins.” Immigration lawyers and ethnic activists run a massive, lucrative industry whose sole objective is to help illegal aliens and convicted criminal visa holders evade deportation for as long as possible. Entry into this country should be a privilege, not a right. The open borders lobby has turned that principle on its head.

Look no further than New York, where four convicted criminal aliens — a child molester, two killers and a racketeer — just won a federal lawsuit to remain in the country after all being ordered deported. The stunning decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Blake v. Carbone, came down on June 1 as the shamnesty debate was bubbling in Washington. The ruling, which hinges on convoluted due process arguments, will greatly expand the number of criminal aliens convicted of certain aggravated felonies who can now receive relief from deportation. This is happening despite the passage of two federal immigration reform laws in 1996 severely restricting deportation waivers for criminal aliens convicted of aggravated felonies.

Immigration lawyers representing criminal aliens like these four menaces have gummed up the court system with 11 years of litigation over the 1996 laws banning deportation relief for felons. Meanwhile, when all else fails, deportable aliens can appeal directly to their member of Congress to circumvent immigration laws through special legislation. More than 50 bills have been introduced this year that would grant special, private relief to individual immigrants fighting deportation. Past and present beneficiaries have included smugglers, illegal aliens and a convicted murderer, Mohuiddin A.K.M. Ahmed, who is wanted in Bangladesh for engaging in terrorist activity and participating in a 1975 assassination plot that left the prime minister and dozens of his family members dead.

Read the whole thing here. It is damning and incredible. And the politicians wonder why the people have no faith in the Federal Government to follow its own laws? Why should we!

It seems that we can’t say it enough:

Secure the Damned Border NOW!

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