The Lame Blame Game

Thursday, July 14th, 2005 7:39 pm by Neal

Don’t miss this outstanding article in Time magazine,… Why That’s Ridiculous by Charles Krauthammer on the knee-jerk tendency of some people to blame ANY terrorist attack in the world on the US action in Iraq. Expect this reflexive, mindless rubbish to continue. But the chief arguments — Iraq was a distraction, and Iraq increased terrorists recruitment — are not only tenuous but also largely irrelevant in the bigger picture: the long war that we face to defeat worldwide, Islamic fascism. Krauthammer writes,

The fact is that the war on terrorism is a very long war. It is not decided by a battle here or there. It would not have been won by stopping in Afghanistan and spending the rest of our lives going cave to cave looking for bin Laden and his henchmen. Kill him and shut the cave, yet jihadism would continue.

It would continue because it is a sickness incubated within Arab/ Islamic culture, a toxic combination of repression, corruption, intolerance and fanaticism, fed by tyrannical regimes eager to deflect popular anger from themselves onto the American infidel. Until that political culture changes fundamentally, jihadism will thrive.

The naysayers of our actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, whose collective memory seems to have been purged of the pre-9/11 terrorist attacks during the Clinton administration, will continue to play this lame, blame game. Whether the attack is in Spain, London, Bali or Timbuktu, it will somehow be the fault of the US action in Iraq. Their hatred of President Bush and his every objective guarantees that the left will blame the US for every “wrong” in the world while offering nothing constructive in return. After all, it’s hard to offer constructive advice on how to win the war against Islamic fascists when one denies their existence. The cry-baby left should take their collective thumb out of their mouths and discuss Krauthammer’s compelling conclusion,

On 9/11, the U.S. was rudely injected into a Muslim civil war–the jihadists are intent on conquering the entire region and re-establishing an ancient caliphate–except that only the jihadist side was really fighting. By taking the fight to the Arab/ Islamic heartland, the U.S. has forced Muslims to commit. The most remarkable effect of the wars to liberate Afghanistan and Iraq is that, whereas on 9/11 we stood alone against the terrorists, today there are two large and energized Muslim populations–with legitimate governments building armed forces–engaged in the same struggle against jihadism as we are.

It is those allies who are critical in ultimately winning the war on terrorism. The terrorists may have recruited their new Atta, now splattered on the walls of the Baghdad mosque he has suicide-bombed. We have recruited tens of millions of Afghan and Iraqi Muslims–with Lebanese and others to follow–opposing that Atta as they attempt to build decent, moderate, tolerant societies.

I’ll take our recruits.

One Response to “The Lame Blame Game”

  1. tom Says:

    Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah of Iran in the 70s resulting in the extremists taking over in Iran. We bought more oil from Saudi Arabia and Wahabis gained more influence and funding. The Wahabi sect, taking a lesson from Marxism and govt school systems, entered the hearts and minds of the youth in Saudi Arabia and madras schools world-wide spreading their extreme philosophy.

    This scenerio has been developing for nearly 3 generations in the Middle East. It will take more than a 2 years and a couple hundred billion dollars to counter. Bush, the liberal media’s proclaimed idiot, sees this and is focused enough to combat it. The only way to stem the tide of Islamists is to battle it until the forces within Islam counter those extreme groups. Bush will be viewed as brilliant in retrospect, though if the media remains as leftist as it is this fact may never be admitted.

    Our foreign policy has been seriously harmed by every Democratic administration since Kennedy. Johnson’s Vietnam fiasco. Carter in the Middle East (and continuing post presidentially in every area of the world which he has had contact.) And Clinton through continued poll driven foreigh affairs throughout the world.

    What a different world this might be if Goldwater, Ford (not a great strength,) or Bush senior had been (re-)elected, though none of these had the fortitude that George W has.