Liveblogging the 2007 NCAA Gymnastics Championship

Friday, April 27th, 2007 10:02 pm by Neal

Well, since I’m watching it here, I might as well comment.

Georgia’s on their first event — bars. Looking GREAT so far, with two 9.90’s (Marcia, Tiffany), 9.875 (Grace) and two 9.85’s (Nikki, Katie). Courtney (who was last) just got a 9.90 for a team 49.425.

Georgia’s great on bars, and its early, but after the first round, the dogs are in the lead.


  • 11:35 —
    Georgia WINS the 2007 NCAA Championship!

    Final scores:

    Place Team Score
    1 Georgia 197.850
    2 Utah 197.250
    3 Florida 197.225
    4 UCLA 196.925
    5 Stanford 196.825
    6 Nebraska 195.975
  • 11:29 — Scores coming in! Folks, Georgia is walking away with this thing! They are killing the vault!
  • 11:25 — Funny that Georgia kicked butt on the floor after I said it has been a weak event for them. That’s why this team is so good.
  • 11:21 — It’s down to Georgia vs Florida with Georgia slightly in the lead. Down to one event each…let’s go, gymdogs!
  • 11:15 — SWEET! McCool added a 9.900, Tiffany a 9.925, and Courtney a 9.950 on the floor for a team total 49.575. Utah gets a 49.100 on bars which really kills them.
  • 11:06 — Wow. Utah in trouble on bars (9.650 in the bag), and Georgia in trouble on the floor (Nikki had a 9.125!) Just in: Katie and Grace both have 9.900!
  • 11:03 — While we’re waiting, Georgia has vault and floor: this team has been great on vault and weak on floor. So, for Georgia, it’s a mixed bag. Utah, however, has beam and bars which can really trip a team up (especially beam), so they have their work cut out for them as well! Stay tuned…scores any minute.
  • 11:00 — Drumroll, please……waiting on Georgia and Utah…
  • 10:48 — Not surprisingly, this match is between Georgia, Utah, and Florida. Wow. I wish I was in Salt Lake City right now. Stay tuned because our close friend, HR, is there! Right now! And, we’ll talk him into some reports on the whole thing. Sooner and later.

    Florida has one event — bars — remaining while Georgia has vault and floor, and Utah has bars and beam.

  • 10:43 — Florida surges with a 49.400 on the vault.
  • 10:39 — Florida’s making a run…on the vault!
  • 10:33 —
    Place Team Score
    1 Georgia 98.750
    1 Utah 98.750
    3 Florida 98.550
    4 Stanford 98.325
    5 UCLA 98.250
    6 Nebraska 98.225

    scores after first two events per team…very close!

  • 10:26 — Utah, meanwhile, is pulling ahead with 49.375’s on both vault and floor.
  • 10:23 — Sweet! Freshman Courtney McCool got a 9.950.
  • 10:20 — Ouch. Tiffany got a 9.700 which means that, as a best case, Georgia’s lowest score in this event will be Nikki’s 9.775 (for each event, each team keeps the top 5 scores from 6 gymnasts.)
  • 10:18 — Georgia’s on the beam — Grace got a 9.85, Nikki’s score is 9.775.

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