My letter to the History Channel

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 12:43 pm by Neal

“Last Days on Earth” (Dec. 26) — a program that enumerated the “Top 7 catastrophes” that could end life on Earth — should have stopped at Number 2 and never insulted my intelligence with the hack-dribble about “Global Warming” which is now conveniently repackaged as the even more generic “Climate Change.”

Here’s why “Last Days” take on Global Warming was a pathetic insult:

For the past few days, folks have gathered with family and friends to celebrate the Holidays, and many of these people celebrated the memory of loved ones who were MURDERED by the Nazi’s during the Holocaust. “Last Days” had the nerve to compare scientists who question Global Warming to those who deny the Holocaust.

Do you not perceive the absurdity of this comparison? Is a computer model’s accuracy as tangible as millions of murdered innocents? Is historical FACT comparable to an unproven, complex, evolving theory?

The Global Warming segment starts off with two, cute anecdotes about flowers blooming early and aardvarks moving North. How quaint and compelling, especially compared to Nuclear annihilation and Bioterrorism. That is the highlight of the segment. The piece then goes for the political jugular with the Holocaust insult and scientific luminaries such as Al Gore proclaiming, “The (Scientific) Debate is Over.”

Perhaps the segment eventually introduced something resembling Science. I don’t know because I turned the channel in disgust. If advocates of Global Warming want to debate the merits of their theory, perhaps they’ll drop the name calling, intimidation tactics and comparisons between theory and murder. More likely, however, they’ll continue to persecute anyone who dares question their faith.

I would sleep a lot better if I really believed the number one threat to life on Earth was a poorly understood process jealously pursued by a hoard of bullies with what appears to be a political agenda.

Shame on the producers of “Last Days” for joining the mob.


Feel free to chime in on this debate at the History Channel’s forum.

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