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Thursday, December 7th, 2006 12:10 pm by Neal
Miss Georgia — a bikini done right!

Back in October, we wrote about this misogynistic rant by Australia’s top Islamic leader, Sheikh Taj Din Al Hilaly, in which he compared “uncovered women” to “meat” and blamed them for rape.

Well, it seems that some Australians have had enough of the Sheikh’s women-hating tripe and are organizing the “Great Australian Bikini March” in response. Now there’s a protest we can support! Not surprisingly, a dim-witted group of Muslims and Socialists will hold a counter-protest to denounce the evil burden of freedom.

MUSLIMS, socialists, unions and other groups will conduct a counter-rally against bikini protesters who plan to march on a Brunswick mosque on Saturday.

Police will monitor the demonstrations, with white supremacists claiming to have infiltrated bikini protest ranks, increasing the potential for confrontation.

Organisers of the “Great Australian Bikini March” had planned to march against the Michael St mosque last Saturday, anniversary of the Cronulla riots in NSW.

Though the bikini march has been postponed until Australia Day next year, some supporters say they will still hold the rally on Saturday.

The march has been promoted on white supremacist websites.

In response, the Islamic Information and Support Centre and the Socialist Party Australia are organising a barbecue and mosque open day for Saturday at the same time.

The so-called bikini march, criticised as being insensitive, was designed as a reaction to mufti Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilaly’s comments on scantily clad women being the cause of some rapes.

Sheik Mohammed Omran, who heads the Brunswick mosque, later defended the mufti.

A mosque spokesman said the theme of their meeting and sausage sizzle was uniting Australia.

We’re surprisingly shocked to hear that the anti-bikini alliance of Muslims and Socialists are planning a barbecue in response; therefore, we humbly offer this barbecue recipe from The Southchild Cookbook. Despite our differences, we can all agree on the common goal of uniting the world through pork.

David Rolde — a socialist gone wrong.

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