Is Adnan Hajj also Issam Kobeisi?

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 12:15 pm by Neal

*** UPDATE ***

Here’s a followup: It turns out that Hajj and Kebeisi are not the same person. Check the link for the details. We second what Rusty says on this matter, namely, that the linkage was highly coincidental and folks who commit fraud lose credibility. Nonetheless, it is interesting how many assignments these two must have made together. We still have questions about their relationship and hope that Kebeisi’s photos are receiving heightened scrutiny.


Check out this post: “Is Adnan Hajj Two People?”

We’ve noticed Hajj’s and Kobeisi’s photos often in the same articles, but Rusty at made the connection that Issam Kobeisi may be a pseudonym for Hajj. While this isn’t definitive yet, there is something going on here. Stay tuned.

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