More Bogus Photos

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 9:06 pm by Neal
Oh, the horror. Look closely: A tire dump is burning. BIG WHOOP! Another Hajj stage-job makes a front cover.

We’ll keep posting links to bogus photos and stories as they surface. The “Bloggers Distributed Intelligence Network” (see Michelle’s article below) is scouring MSM photos and stories while scrambling photo editors are actually having to work.

First, check out Michelle’s video at for the highlights of the last few days.

Speaking of hotair, Allahpundit has this report where an aerial attack on a car is de-bunked, and another staged Hajj photo makes the cover of US News and World Report.

Here’s a BUSTED photo essay from the New York Times…the blogger calls this one “Dead Man Walking”. Does the dead guy appearing for the Times have his Screen Actors Guild union card?

Here’s a series of photos called “The Passion of the Toys”.

Michelle has more with “Fauxtography:” It’s all in the framing.

Round, round, round it goes. Where it will stop, nobody knows?


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