More Staged, Make Believe from Hajj

Monday, August 7th, 2006 8:44 pm by Neal

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Things just keep getting crazier with Adnan Hajj’s growing portfolio of manipulated and staged “photos.” And, what does one make of Reuters? Is their complicity in this unfolding saga the result of incompentency, sympathy, or did they outsource their photo editors to Iran?

The latest series of staged photo news comes to us from the good folks at Check out this story, “A Bridge Too Weird” where they conclusively demonstrate that Hajj — in his coverage of Israel’s bombing of the Qasmiya Bridge, near Tyre — just made shit up.

This is crazy!


Scott at has posted a comment from a photographer that concludes that some of the anomalies in the first four photos may be explained by the use of radically different lenses. Read the comment for the details. Nonetheless, it still appears that Hajj depicted different bridges as the Qasmiya bridge.

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