Boortz to Cynthia: Be Smart!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 9:23 am by Neal

This is funny. Neal Boortz has a personal letter just for Cynthia McKinney, the cutest little Communist in Congress, who is in a runoff with Democrat Hank Johnson.

Dear Cynthia:

I see you’ve sued, or you’re threatening to sue the Atlanta Journal-Constitution over a column written by Cynthia Tucker. Apparently you’re upset over Ms. Tucker’s description of your encounter with that Capitol Hill Cop. Dammit, Cynthia! Would you please shut up about this? Don’t you know that if you had simply identified yourself to that cop and gone on your way you would not be in this runoff election? You lost a lot of votes with that nonsense — your screaming racism and all — and now you think it’s a good idea for you to resurrect that whole mess with lawsuits? Who in the hell is advising you in this runoff anyway? Mel Gibson? If you want to win just keep flashing that dazzling smile of yours. Be sweet. Hammer Hank Johnson on his bankruptcy and money problems in the past. Make him the issue, not you and your stupid antics with that cop. You’re picking up a lot of the undecided voters in these last days, and if you can keep your dark side in check (oops! Hope that doesn’t sound racial!) and try to behave for just six more days, who knows? You might pull this thing off! Don’t you just love the idea of really pissing off that hollow-eyed aging hippie from Haight-Ashbury and those pompous Toms in the black congressional caucus with a win? You do know they want you to lose, don’t you? Well then shut the hell up about the cop incident, and try to get a few campaign contributions from inside the State, and you just may do it! Oh … and if you’re planning to bring Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson down here for a rally … you might want to work on that plan a little bit. Come on, Cynthia! Be smart! Talk radio and the Republican Party needs you right where you are, being the face of the Democrat Party in Washington!


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