Mark Levin on Portgate

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 7:22 pm by Neal

Mark Levin’s blog is an excellent source for information concerning the UAE Port deal. As an example, check out this entry, More “Racism”?:

Can you tell me why U.S. companies can sell certain technologies to Britain but not to, say, the UAE? Is it because our export-control system is racist? Or is it because the administration recognizes differences among the world’s governments? Should we change our export control regime to end the disperate treatment of countries, such as many in the Middle East, to demonstrate our thanks for their support in the war on terrorism? Why can’t these countries be trusted to use the same technologies we sell to Great Britain and most European countries? Is it because of racism? I note that neither the White House nor the Commerce, State and Defense Departments — which oversee export controls — have eliminated these export distinctions. Why not?

Check it out.

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