These New Lips Are Made For Smoking

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 9:41 pm by cyclops

Europeans like to laugh at us Americans for our teetotaling, zero-tolerance approach to life, be it smoking, drinking, religion or fitness. At the same time, we Americans derive great humor from the unwashed, condescending, smoking Europeans.

Of course, these are bad and (to a large degree) outdated stereotypes. Well, here’s a story out of France that lives up to the stereotype. Remember the French doctors who performed the first ever face transplant of a French lady back in November. It seems the doctors are concerned that she may be harming her recovery because she has started smoking again. I kid you not.

The world’s first face transplant recipient is using her new lips to take up smoking again, which doctors fear could interfere with her healing and raise the risk of tissue rejection.

“It is a problem,” Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard, who led the team that performed the pioneering transplant in France on November 27, acknowledged on Wednesday.

No doubt she’ll soon be turning her new nose up to those obnoxious Americans vacationing in Paris!

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