The Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 1:33 pm by Neal

We’ve written on the recent article by Stephen Hayes on the Saddam-Al Qaeda links here and here.

But, there’s much more to this connection than Hayes documents in his excellent article. Don’t miss Thomas Smith’s article, The Saddam-Al Qaeda Connection, on the many connections between the dictator and the terror networks targeting the West.

Last week, Phares told me he concluded from the documents, “There obviously were connections and talks, not only between Baghdad and the Jihadists of Osama Bin Laden, but between other Arab regimes such as Sudan, Syria and officials in Saudi Arabia and the radical Islamists who would later form Al Qaeda. In this regional maze, everybody talks to everybody and explores possibilities, plans.”

This is key to understanding the nature of terrorist organizations in the Middle East: Alliances are often ad hoc, opposing groups often train together, and the terrorists themselves switch loyalties depending upon whose leading what organization and what propaganda is being fomented by whom. To think otherwise would be dangerous for America and the world. And those on both sides of the U.S. political divide recognize Phares’ grasp of the complexities of global terrorism, particularly as they relate to the complex relationships that have existed in the Middle East for thousands of years.

Phares, who regularly conducts Congressional and State Department briefings, added, “The Saddam-Al Qaeda cooperation was centered around weakening the U.N.-sponsored, U.S.-British-backed sanctions against Iraq. Al Qaeda would strike U.S. interests, prompting a U.S. withdrawal from the region. Iraq would in-turn provide some facilities and other services to Al Qaeda’s operatives and local allies without necessarily becoming their main supplier or strategic partner.”

Smith concludes with an observation on why these facts don’t resonate with the MSM-leftist alliance while pointing out that what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. Well worth the read.

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