Summary of the Good News

Saturday, March 12th, 2005 9:20 pm by Neal

In the last week there’s been a stream of good news from the Middle East. The pessimists theme is, “there’s still a long ways to go…nothing’s certain…these dictators could make a mess of things any day now…”. The skeptic in me agrees completely with these sentiments and worries deeply about them; the optimist longs to see these struggles fulfilled and these people liberated, at least from this darkest chapter of their region’s history.

A lot of writers have weighed-in on the significance of Bush. This much is crystal clear: Against all voices, President Bush demanded in speech and gambled in action that the people of the Middle East desire Freedom. And those people have spoken. No matter how this ends, this fact cannot be disputed or ignored.

Enjoy some great essays on the Middle East from the past few days:

The eye doctor never saw it coming by Mark Steyn.

Giving Wolfowitz His Due by David Brooks.

Three Cheers for the Bush Doctrine by Charles Krauthammer.

President Discusses War on Terror by President George W. Bush.

A Look BackTurning points since September 11 by Victor Davis Hanson.

Don’t wobble, Mr. President by Caroline B. Glick.

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