Hypocrisy at Lake Hobegon

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005 11:53 am by Neal

Garrison Keillor is a shameless hypocrite with no sense of humor. Actually, that is an excellent definition of a leftist, and if we ever build a National Zoo of Endangered Leftists, Keillor and Cindy Sheehan will share a cage. The proof can be found here, in Lake O-be-Gone by Sean Higgins which documents Keillor’s cease-and-desist order to a blogger wanting to sell some satirical T-shirts.

Oh, Garrison, you speak for the little people, don’t you, you hater of capitalism. Garrison Keillor, who makes his living off of a blending of fiction, satire, and leftist political philosophy, can dish it out but he can’t take it. When a blogger parodies Keillor’s precious, trademarked, A Prarie Home Companion, he sicks the lawyer attack dogs down on this little person who DARED try to poke fun at Keillor’s Mega-Media empire and shameless, Capitalistic, Merchandising Franchise.

Garrison Keillor, you suck. Like Hollywood blowhards who criticize SUV’s while flying across the country in their private jets, you are the worst kind of hypocrite. Like most die-hard leftists, you exhibit the following:

  • You reminisce on the virtues of humble folks of modest income.
  • Yet, you are a rich capitalist with a Mega Merchandising Franchise.
  • A franchise built on a fantasy land of “the good ol’ days” that never existed.
  • And, when reality rudely awakens you from your fantasy, you hide behind attack-dog lawyers.
  • You can dish it out but can’t take it because you live by a different set of rules than those you “supposedly” admire.

You’ve been swimming in the scum of Lake Wobegon far too long, so go get your hair done at Bertha’s Kitty Boutique where all the other pussies go.

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