Obama is such a Good, Little Liberal

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 5:43 pm by Neal

If you haven’t seen this ad, please watch it and pass it on. Americans need to understand the Fever Swamps of anti-Americanism that spawned and nurtured the Democrat party’s radical leftist Presidential nominee, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s platform of “change we can believe in” now includes censorship. That’s definitely the kind of change liberal fascists believe in.

Michelle Malkin has the story:

I cannot stress how outrageous the Obama campaign’s attempt to silence the creators of the Ayers ad is. Mr. Hope and Change is applying Chicago-style mafia tactics to intimidate those who want to alert the nation to Obama’s troubling ties to, and longtime relationship with, the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist. Obama’s lawyers and minions are playing hardball with TV stations that have dared to air the ad. They have the gall to champion campaign finance integrity — even as Obama has just admitted hiding payments to his Chicago cronies at ACORN. The Obama campaign can’t cite anything false or defamatory about the ad because it is accurate and truthful. This intimidation campaign is of a piece with the left-wing MoveOn effort to bully GOP donors. Remember?

Click here for the American Issues Project’s (AIP) response to the bullying and intimidation tactics from Obama. That ad must really speak truth to power.

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