Cheating Chinese Fool’s Gold

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 11:02 am by Neal

We’re not sure who is more to blame: the cheating ChiCom’s or the impotent IOC. Together, they have turned these Olympics into a JOKE, and set a standard of corruption that will likely haunt future Olympics as well.

He Kexin is the fourteen year old Chinese girl who won a Fool’s Gold medal in the Uneven Bars. Officially she can’t compete until age sixteen, but the evidence is plain: the Chinese cheated, and the IOC doesn’t care. American gymnast Nastia Liukin has been cheated out of a real Gold medal, and 23 year old British gymnast Beth Tweddle has been cheated out of a real Silver medal in what is likely her last Olympic games.

Really, though, is anyone surprised? The Chinese Communists have no concept of the true Olympic spirit. They don’t understand that the Olympics is not about proving National superiority but is about the achievements of the individual athletes. The Chinese Communists, like Hitler’s Nazi Germany before them, view the Olympics as a propaganda event designed to show the superiority of the Totalitarian State. The individual athletes are mere cogs in the Authoritarian machine. The IOC, an organization as feckless and corrupt as the United Nations, has thus far been an accomplice to the Chinese cheaters by willfully ignoring the growing mound of indisputable evidence implicating the Chinese cheaters.

Report: Hacker Uncovers Proof Chinese Gymnast Is Underage:

A determined U.S. computer expert has delved into cached pages on the Internet to unearth Chinese official documents showing a gymnast who took gold in the uneven bars competition, edging the U.S.’s Nastia Liukin, may indeed be underage.

Controversy over whether He Kexin is under the minimum age of 16 has surrounded her participation in the Beijing Olympics. The latest challenge over the age of the tiny Olympian comes from the discovery through a cyberspace maze of Chinese official documents listing her date of birth.

She may not look as if she has reached the minimum competing age of 16, but China said her passport, issued in February, gives her birthday as Jan. 1, 1992. The International Olympic Committee said proof from her passport is good enough.

The latest unofficial investigation was carried out by computer security expert for the Intrepidus Group, whose site, Stryde Hax, revealed a detailed forensic search for He’s age.

Here’s the Stryde Hax page explaining in detail how he was able to determine He’s real age.

Stryde Hax continued looking into Google China’s records and found more spreadsheets indicating He is actually fourteen years old; however, the real story is how China was purging records (that they claimed were “false”) even as Hax discovered them!

What is this post really about? I don’t really feel that it’s about the gymnastics age limit, or even really about whether fraud occurred. At this point, I believe that any reasonable observer already understands that age records have been forged. This story now is really about Internet censorship, the act of removing evidence while at the same time claiming that the evidence is wrong. For the first time I watched search records shift under my feet like sand, facts draining down a hole in the Internet. Will this stand?

Amazing. Sad. Pathetic.

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